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 Dedication & Appreciation . . .
I dedicate this book to my sons
Mike and Mark Nemer.
May God bless you as He blessed me with you.
Expressions of Love  Remembrance
When you have a son you are so excited,
You nurse him and love him
and are so delighted.
He continues to grow and he finishes school.
He;s still a sweet boy, that thinks he's so cool.
You worship him and he loves you too,
He starts to date, but he's still your son.
He asks your advice and looks up to you.
Enjoy it now, because it ends too soon
I adore my sons, and always will.
Mike is so sweet, it gives me a thrill.
Mark was a wonderful son.
but one day God called him home.
We miss him so much and wish he could phone.
But God took him young,so
I knew he is safe on the streets of gold.
We will see him again,since heaven is waiting
for us too when we grow old.

Many, many thanks to each one of you who bought this cookbook. I hope you did find few recipes you and your family will enjoy. I do want to thank the family members, whose recipes I have included in the book. I also need to thank my husband Joe and Ashley, our granddaughter. Without your love and support, I couldn't have done it.

May God Bless you all.
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