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The ladies in my family were all excellent cooks. I grew up watching all of my aunts cook in the kitchen. My mother Blanche was a wonderful cook. Every meal she made for us was delicious. Now she is 96 + years old, so she no longer cooks or entertains. I love to entertain and cook, so I'm taking over where she left off.
It makes me feel so good to cook for my family. Especially their favorite foods. My son Mike is married, has 3 children and lives in Houston. They are a wonderful family. My heart breaks when I think of my son Mark. He was a very sweet and loving son. He has one son, Brandan. But one night Mark passed away in his sleep due to his heart. My husband Joe and I think of him everyday. It is so sad to lose a child and such a tragedy. But we see him through our grandson Brandan.
I hope you will enjoy the recipes I have selected for this cookbook. Many of them have lots of meaning behind them for me. But most of the recipes are simple, easy and everyday cooking; Nothing too fancy or hard to make. The ethnic recipes in the back of the book came from my mother and aunts. Mark especially loved some of these recipes and I enjoyed cooking them for him, I am still cooking for Mike and Anne and the grand children. Ryan Michael and Ashley. Ashley is now trying to cook these recipes too. I owe this book to my Ashley because she talked me into it. Now all my memories keep me going.
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